Mindset & Routine Accountability Group

Do you struggle with having a positive mindset?!
Do you have a routine that works for you?!
Do you wish you could find a meal plan that actually worked and didn’t stress you out?
Do you say you are going to work out but then something else comes up?!
Do you just feel lost?!

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions I have some resources for you!!

I am starting a 60 day challenge on 21st! This challenge will include all the resources you need to be successful! An easy to follow meal plan, year access to Beachbody on Demand (we will be picking the perfect program for you!), Portion Control Containers, and endless support and motivation!


Nursing Student, Busy, & Determined

"“I have lost over 65 lbs with hard work, self love, a supportive family, friends, teammates, and boyfriend…amongst many other things! It ISN’T easy. I’ve LEARNED, I’ve STRUGGLED, I’ve RESTARTED, & now I am here! This is a journey and I am not stopping anytime soon!”"


Self Hate Turned To Self Love!

""I used to hate my body, my broad shoulders, my love handles, my thunder thighs. Instead of continuing to hate my body I changed my perspective. I have shut out the negativity from society and have replaced it with positivity""