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Teatrition Tea Review!

A Cup of Tea Solves Everything!

I am so excited to be writing for you guys today about two new tea flavors that I had the opportunity to taste test this weekend from Teatrition. (you saw a sneak peak if you follow me on Instagram!)

The first flavor that I tried was a decaf black tea with a ginger organic and I loved it! It was mild but delicious and totally helped calm me down before bed! My mom also tried it and she is a die hard tea drinker and her words were “smooth and mild” so I would give this one a 5/5

The second flavor that I had the pleasure of trying was orange smoothie! I tried this flavor with my 15 year old brother and we both had different reviews!

It wasn’t my favorite due to the fact that it literally tasted like an orange crush; and was a little to sweet for my afternoon tea.

But my brother who does like sweeter teas did drink his whole glass, but as you can imagine a 15 year old didn’t have much to say besides “it’s good”

Personally I would probably give this flavor a 2/5 just because it was a little to sweet for my liking, but if you are a sweet tea drinker I would totally give it a shot!

So all in all I would HIGHLY recommend if you are a tea lover to check out  Teatrition Tea I will be ordering again for sure! I would also like to add that she is a very hands on owner, every time I posted a sneak peak for you guys she was messaging me about how grateful she was that I was willing to write this review! If you have been following me for awhile or know me personally you know that I love when people love their products and are engaged with their customers. With that being said she gets a 5/5 as far as an all around business!

If you want to get in contact with her check out her social media!