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Business Showcase: Yarlap!

If you are an avid follower of me you are probably wondering why in the world is she doing a business showcase, let alone one that focuses on urinary incontinence! Well let me explain a little bit! I have had the opportunity to be apart of a few different facebook communities of fellow business owners and I was so intrigued and excited by some of these other ladies that I decided I wanted to start showcasing them! 

We all have different passions and callings and so I wanted to give you guys a few new resources while connecting you guys with others that I think are inspirational!! I hope that you enjoy reading this and find it helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions otherwise I will have contact info for this author below! 

A little about the business that is my baby: Yarlap®. Yarlap® is an FDA cleared at-home device to treat female urinary incontinence (aka the involuntary leakage of urine). Incontinence is also commonly known as overactive bladder or bladder leaks. It effects 1 in 3 women and is embarrassing and socially stig matizing. It’s not something we openly talking about – but we should. Most women know that Kegel exercises work to treat, or prevent, incontinence. However, over half of women who attempt to do Kegels are unable to do a proper exercise – making them useless. Yarlap® retrains and reeducates the pelvic floor muscles for you through clinically proven programs. It has 6 clinically proven pre-set programs; 3 programs are for pelvic floor muscle education and re-education, 3 are for pelvic floor muscle relaxation.

Yarlap® is a re-educational device to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscle using NMES (neuromuscular nerve stimulation). NMES sends the same signals your brain normally does to your muscles, but sends it directly to your pelvic floor muscles telling them to move. This “telling the muscles what to do” is what makes Yarlap® different than a biofeedback device. A biofeedback device tracks your muscle movements for you, but they also will track any muscle movement regardless if it’s the right or wrong muscle. A re-educating device instructs your pelvic floor muscles to do the exercise and then does it for you.

My dad and I created the Yarlap® as a daddy-daughter business. My dad is also the designer for one of the perineal re-education devices used by the National Health Services in France, Britain, Germany and Scandinavia has designed the Yarlap® for women in America. I took personal interest, and use, from the Yarlap®. Together, we are a dynamic duo of bringing awareness to women about their pelvic floor muscles. It’s fantastic working with your best friend every day.

I have always been interested in women’s health. I spent two summers in Kosovo studying women’s rights since their independence in 2008. I started to realize a pattern that women’s health is often ignored or not considered a priority, even in the United States. I chose to participate in Yarlap® because I know so many women, some my own age, who suffer from incontinence and have no idea what it is or what causes it. Not only that, but I realized that a lot of women are unaware of what is going on with their bodies or where the pelvic floor muscles are located. We were never taught this in school (or maybe just not my school).

The craziest, and most heartbreaking, fact was the postpartum depression statistic that comes from urinary incontinence. Postpartum urinary incontinence affects a huge number of women, with around 25% (for c-section deliveries) to 40% (traditional vaginal deliveries) of new mothers experiencing some form of incontinence postpartum. Postpartum urinary incontinence may also double the risk of postpartum depression according to a study by McMaster University. Most women are able to get successful treatment for urinary incontinence – it is not as big of a deal as most people make it out to be. The treatment is to re-educate your pelvic floor muscles back into shape. It’s that simple, but there is a lack of awareness and that is what my personal mission has turned into: inform women on incontinence, their pelvic floor, and their health awareness.

Yarlap® has given me the opportunity to speak to women about how their lives have changed in a positive manner. Trying to break a socially stigmatized issue is incredibly difficult.

When someone speaks on the phone with you and tells them that they are desperate and will try anything, it breaks your heart. When they tell you their stories of what they have been through trying to find a treatment, it really breaks your heart. Then, when they call back later to tell them they can’t believe something finally worked, your heart explodes and you want to hug them. Most days, trying to bring awareness is hard. But every day, we get someone saying “I had no idea about this issue, I know my mom has it” or something along those lines, you feel like you are doing something good with your time. Although it may sound cheesy, you feel like you are making a difference.

Besides being totally obsessed with the pelvic floor, I have a few other loves. My parents are pretty much the greatest people on the planet and I call my mom every other day to tell her how my life is going. Sometimes I feel like Starbucks should create a level higher than gold for people like me – I drink Starbucks like it’s my lifeline. If it were socially acceptable, I would wear cat ears all the time to keep the bangs out of my face (Bobby pins are only cute for so long, you know?). During sorority recruitment, I used to memorize fun animal facts in case there was a lull in conversation. Somehow I have still kept those facts in my head in case they ever come handy. So far, there has never been an occasion for me to whip out my animal fact trivia.

~Mary Ellen Reider

Director of Sales Development 

Phone: (614)568-7002