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What’s Cooking Mankato is local to Mankato Minnesota and offers monthly freezer meal grab and gos. All the work is done for you! No prep, or assembly! All you have to do is freeze and pull out and thaw when you are ready to cook the meal!

Our Grab & Gos are our main service. With the Grab & Go you get to order as many meals as you wish that you pick from our monthly menu and then you pick up at our location at at specific time and date.

What’s Cooking Mankato-FAQ

 What is What’s Cooking Mankato?!

What’s Cooking Mankato is a local business, the purpose is to help bring healthier home cooked meals into every household on a reasonable budget.

What is the price comparison?!

That depends on the option that you choose but we are typically between $10-$17 a meal, and each meal typically feed 4-5 people.

Do you have to do delivery?!

No delivery is not required, there is an up-charge for delivery on the subscription option but it is NOT required. Pick up times and dates are assigned to each option.

What are the portions?

Small portions feed 1-3 people

Regular portions feed 3-5 people

Larger portions feed 5-7 people

Do you cater to dietary restrictions?!

I offer a paleo meal option, I am as gluten friendly as possible but can not guarantee gluten free, and can cater to most lactose restrictions.

What type of quality is your food?

We get most of our food from a distributor called Martin Brothers out of Iowa, they sell restaurant quality food, and work with other businesses around the Mankato area.

Do you have any certifications?!

Yes, I have my MN food safety managers certification, and my food safety certification. Those allow me to assemble and prep un cooked food.

Other questions?! Feel free to fill out the contact me form or email me! 🙂